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May 12 2017
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He’s broad experience in the maritime business spans over 25 years and includes sailing, shipping economics, ship broking, ship operating, freight trading, and consulting.

A native of Poland, he worked in the industry for a decade in the USA  and more than 15 years in Asia. Prior to founding Seamind, his career included shipbroking with Marine Chartering, San Francisco, managing commercial operations of Polsteam's dry bulk fleet in Asia and Australia, and building a chartering e-commerce platform in Silicon Valley. In 2001, he founded Seamind Pte Ltd, Singapore. Seamind has provided strategic advice on vessels’ acquisitions, joint ventures, and managed freight portfolios for end users, exporters and institutional traders of agricultural commodities. The firm earned the reputation as a leading expert of ocean transportation of grains in Southeast Asia and beyond.

He is a sought out educator and speaker, and has regularly lectured and presented on shipping economics and freight markets to the grain industry audiences worldwide.

Voytek holds Master of Science degree in Ocean Navigation from Maritime University Szczecin, Master of Science Degree in Transportation Management from State University New York and is on the course to earn the Executive Master’s Degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change (Organizational and Interpersonal Psychology) from INSEAD (Institut européen d'administration des affaires).


Ocean Freight Market in Crisis: an era of risks and opportunities for grain companies?

With the global fleet heavily oversupplied and the demand for ocean transport seriously disrupted, Baltic Dry Index has recently reached its lowest level ever. The freight market has experienced a crisis that has led to several high profile casualties. Have we reached the lowest point?

Voytek will explain the background of the present crisis and will put the current market indicators in the historical and economic context. The emphasis will be on their implications for grain companies. Voytek will also explore the global supply and demand dynamics going forward, and explain the risks and opportunities the crisis presents for the companies depending on ocean transportation of agricultural commodities.

Voytek Сhelkowski, Seamind



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