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May 12 2017
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Daniel Basse is President of AgResource Company. AgResource Co. is a domestic and international agricultural research firm located in Chicago, which forecasts domestic and world agricultural price trends

Mr. Basse is an economist that has been in the commodity business since 1979. Raised on a dairy/grain farm in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Mr. Basse has a keen sense of production agriculture. Mr. Basse graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1979 and has worked with Professional Farmers of America, Brock Associates and the agricultural research division of GNP Commodities in Chicago.

In 1987, Mr. Basse founded AgResource Company to serve the needs of the US and world agricultural community. Mr. Basse is a member of Farm Foundation and the Commodity Market Council.

Global Grain and Oil seed market. The Latest Tendencies. Outlook 2015/2016

The speaker will give an update on the latest tendencies in the world grain and oilseed market and make an outlook for 2015/2016.

Where are the opportunities and risks?

What does the surge in the US dollar imply for world farmers in 2016?

Daniel Basse, AgResource


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